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Business Plan Development


We can help you to develop private label products and an educational plan for your company. 

We can help you to  establish and review your budget, and attract investors or funding sources that may be available for your business.  

Growth and Development


BobCat will work hand-in-hand with your team to ensure long-term growth and development of your business. 

Among our services, we can help you define your company and brands, including what they represent. We'll guide you in the development of a company mission and a support system. 

We'll also show you how to obtain success stories  that tell your customers about the great work you do.

Marketing Implementation


We can help you to develop advertising, public relations, and product distribution plans. We’ll guide you through the development and implementation of a comprehensive public relations program, using focus groups to guide you. 

We’ll help you recruit beauty talent, marketing and sales personnel, and develop motivational programs for your team. We are your industry partners, and we will help you manage and facilitate your entry into trade shows, beauty events and functions.